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Developing nations face environmental crisis from e-waste
7/2/2010 - Developing nations will face a major environmental and public health crisis from e-waste if they do not quickly put in place measures for safe recycling and disposal of electronics,

E-waste from advanced nations creating toxic dumping grounds in Asia, Africa
According to new United Nations (UN) report, the world's richest nations are dumping hazardous electronic waste on poor African countries. The head of the UN's Environment Program (Unep), Achim Steiner,

Surat may sell e-waste to Japan

Electronic waste is considered hazardous as some components contain contaminants such as lead, cadmium and beryllium but e-waste recycling business is big business in the developed world.


We stepped in to fill the gap of responsible E-waste disposal and recycling with the aim of managing the challenges of sustainable solutions for the E-waste problem in India.

We extract maximum value from the E-waste as a result of its unique recycling process. We do an end to end processing of E-waste by not only dismantling the materials but also treating it in the indigenously developed metallurgical unit.

Using our unique recycling techniques, valuable materials such as copper, iron, glass, aluminum and plastic could be extracted from electronic scrap, hence putting a stop to the tarnishing of the earth's facia. 

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