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We stepped in to fill the gap of responsible E-waste disposal and recycling with the aim of managing the challenges of sustainable solutions for the E-waste problem in India. We extract maximum value from the E-waste as a result of its unique recycling process. We do an end to end processing of E-waste by not only dismantling the materials but also treating it in the indigenously developed metallurgical unit.

Using our unique recycling techniques, valuable materials such as copper, iron, glass, aluminum and plastic could be extracted from electronic scrap, hence putting a stop to the tarnishing of the earth's facia. We recycle your E-Waste in the most efficient and environmentally friendly manner at our factory in bangalore. We shield organizations from the business, legal, and environmental risks associated with E-Waste disposal and make E-Waste disposal a hassle free process by taking care of logistics, data security and final de-manufacturing. Our material recovery process guarantees the destruction of sensitive information or hardware through the size reduction, separation and refinement of individual materials.  

We utilize cutting edge technology coupled with a simple approach that makes electronics recycling and IT asset disposal straightforward, secure and affordable.  


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